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Sam Vère


Tap dancing since the age of 5.

Dancer / member of:


Sebastian Weber Dance Company

Tap Factory

Tap teacher / faculty member:


at Montpellier Tap Festival (France),

at Amsterdam Tap Festival (Netherlands),

at the Hoofers Tap Festival (Belgium)

& at the Online French Tap Festival 2.&1,

theme class teacher at Stockholm Tap Festival (Sweden)..


Tap dancer / choreographic artist:

in France, Belgium, Dubai, Germany, Italy, Monte-Carlo, Morocco, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden & Switzerland.

for performances, concerts, video-clips & TV documentary.



for french TV & movies.



Bio, curriculum,

and Instagram feed.

Contact informations,

formular and references.

Danseur de Claquettes, Tap Dance France, Paris Claquettes, Paris Tap dance, Danse, spectqcle de claquettes, Swing dancer, French Tap dancer, animation claquettes.



Tap dancer.

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