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Sebastian Weber Dance Company

Our dance is rooted in the tradition of jazz tap, but we dance today. We try to expand our own limitations as well as those of our dance in an effort to find an up-to-date and dedicated form that fits to our view of the world.

Our dance is always music, even if it doesn’t sound. Music and movement don’t have to be pretty, but true. Whatever that means. This goes for the company as a whole and for each of us individually.

Wherever possible, we dance with live music.

We mean what we dance. What moves us on stage also moves us in life.

We love the feeling of the dance, the ecstasy of groove, the wakefulness of the body and the senses, the sweat, the exhaustion.

The older we get, the better our dance gets.

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FOLK FICTION is about inventing its own folklore: a raucous mix of cultures and clichés, at the same time superficial and archaic, laughable and powerful, fictitious and real.

The piece is a tumultuous commentary on questions of collective identity and finds its answers in the hybrid, the irritating, the constantly changing.

COWBOYS is a bubbling, sizzling, hoarse dance spectacle about populists in power.

Swing Machine Orchestra

The Swing Machine Orchestra, an original idea of violinists Suso Moreno and Raúl Márquez, is a string orchestra composed by 12 musicians, created to dance to the frantic swing rhythm of the 30s.

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Tin Pan Clan

Tin Pan Clan is a company specialized in musical events, building their shows with the idea that music is an interdisciplinary art. You can count on our team of professionals, a CLAN where each one is offering the best in

his discipline, in order to seduce and create empathy

with the public, but above all make music for every situation.

Tin Pan Clan keeps the essence of musical art: live performance, music as interdisciplinary art.

The oldest way of making music.

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