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COWBOYS is a glaring, boisterous, frantic dance piece about populists in power.

It celebrates the brazenness and egomania, the rumbling self-confidence and the ruthlessness, with which the populists take the law into their own hands. It boasts the feverish underdogs, who make those cowboys their heroes.

And the mainstream liberals, who fuel the engine with their honesty and outrage.

Somewhere on the perimeter, one can see the avowed, mythical enemy of the cowboys: the Islam, the establishment, the liberals, the Jews, depending on zeitgeist and location.

And because the cowboys always have to shoot somebody, death also dances along.

COWBOYS is a cracking symbiosis of brilliant tap dancing and a crude, exuberant, infuriated physicality of movement.

Eruptive, bold, intoxicating.



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Tin Pan Clan

Tin Pan Clan is a company specialized in musical events, building their shows with the idea that music is an interdisciplinary art. You can count on our team of professionals, a CLAN where each one is offering the best in

his discipline, in order to seduce and create empathy

with the public, but above all make music for every situation.

Tin Pan Clan keeps the essence of musical art: live performance, music as interdisciplinary art.

The oldest way of making music.